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About Gothic Footwear Australia

Here’s a little story of how Gothic Footwear Australia became to exist:
Gothic Footwear Australia started off in the early years as more of a passion project for a single woman who was just dipping her toes into self employment. We officially started trading in 2010 after a labour of love from 2009 went into making a tonne of mistakes learning how to self-set up an online store with zero IT or Coding education, and finding trusted reputable brands to work with.
You see, Michelle had an ageing parent living alone who had started needing more attention and help in their home, and so she left her 9-5 desk job at a prestigious car dealership, where her love for wearing quality high heels as part of her work attire was developed, along with a new love for driving expensive European cars, and traded in a secure salary to learn how to work from home as a Virtual Assistant - way back before it was a popular career choice - so that she could assist her ageing parent with daily activities, and still earn an income.
Never has Michelle been one to jump on the latest fashion trends though, she has always preferred a more unique style of her own - built more around her current mood for the day. During her days in a busy office, after the experience of other more cheaper brands of footwear were just not holding up to the amount of mileage Michelle’s feet needed, a friend suggested she try the Pleaser brand. And still to this day she has a few pairs of Pleaser heels she still loves to wear that she purchased back in 2009 for a product ‘test run’. Being so pleased with the quality but disappointed with the limited places to buy such great footwear in Adelaide SA, Michelle started building her own online shoe store on the side so that all her friends could easily find these amazing high heels too.
It was then that the Demonia range, a shoe brand owned by PleaserUSA, piqued Michelle’s interest. Demonia Shoes were not hugely popular in Australia in 2010 as much as they are now, but Michelle was excited by the amount of quirky styles that existed within the Demonia range. Not a traditional Goth herself, she has still worn numerous styles of Demonia boots. Michelle’s had friendships over the years with others who are hugely into the Gothic scene and can appreciate their uniqueness and individual styles. Now in 2022 Demonia is not just producing Gothic styles of footwear, but an inclusive selection for lovers of all things in a more broader Alternative footwear styling range.
The family-run aspect of the business began when she no longer was a single woman, after finding her husband in 2014 and travelling between Europe and Australia together for a couple of years, Michelle thought she would close the doors on Gothic Footwear and go back to studying and head into Accounting instead, but the flame from her love of shoes was still burning brightly and so it just didn’t feel right to close the virtual doors before going all in with everything she had, and making an effort to run Gothic Footwear as a “real” business and not just as the side project it had been. Accounting sounded sensible, but footwear is what she loves most.
So 2016 the business changed operating platforms, added in new payment processors, and underwent a whole new look and transformation. Gothic Footwear Australia moved out of the spare room and into a warehouse, for room to purchase more stock and handle exchanges easier. We began growing steadily over the following years.
But then late 2019 a pandemic hit the world, restrictions were put into place on everyone, and our supply chain was affected for a very long time. Things became so unpredictable, everyone was worn down from the ever changing situation. We had no choice but to scale back again or risk closing for good. Michelle went back to working from a home office and we moved the stock over to a private storage warehouse for order picking and packing only.
As a family run small business, we have always been more focused on our customer service being the best, than on turning out big profits. We may still do some things on a bootstrap budget because we still have to eat, right?, but we won’t skimp on providing a quality product to our customers. Michelle literally won’t sleep at night if one customer is left unhappy.
Our focus right now is to steadily grow a loyal customer following and continue to improve our operations and work with only the most reputable alternative footwear brands to provide you with a quality product every time.
We probably won’t open back up to the public as a retail outlet just yet, but will keep things operating online with a warehouse, so that you won’t have 20 other people having tried on the shoes before they get to you. Each new item we sell, unless marked otherwise in our clearance section, is brand new, unworn, and arrives to us or to you direct from the manufacturing suppliers warehouse.
As always, we plan to be around for a long while and hope you get as much enjoyment from shopping through Gothic Footwear Australia as we get from serving you.